May 19th, 2010

Ukraine: Report on HCB storage site Kalush

The report however covers 2 cases. First case on mining tailings. From page 35, part 2 – HCB case .

UN-EC Technical Scoping Mission – Kalush (16Apr10)

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Some of the Conclusions:

Independent and scientific sampling has shown the spreading of HCB into the environment at
the HCB storage site. The concentrations in water at the storage facility are a factor 100 (and
in some places far more than that) higher than the Ukraine standard. HCB is extremely toxic
for water environments and is a persistent organic pollutant. The long-term risks of spreading
are therefore high.

Conclusions and recommendations:
Recommendation 5
Given the spreading of HCB, the UN/EC Technical Scoping Mission recommends to urgently
undertake a wider investigation into the extent of the spreading, including identifying
immediate risks for public health. This investigation should use quantitative method with
known detection limits for analysing HCB concentrations in ground, surface and drinking
water (including drinking water inlet points).

Recommendation 6
The mission recommends the urgent clean-up of the HCB storage site and the safe storage
and/or destruction of HCB. An evaluation of appropriate destruction techniques should inform
the actual clean-up. The clean-up of the HCB storage site and waste dump site should be done
with care in order to prevent the spread of soil and particles in the air. Toxic concentrations in
the air could spread across a wide area if the clean-up is not properly done.

Until the clean-up of HCB at the storage site has taken place, the site should be closed to the
public to prevent exposure. It would be advisable to fence the area and post signs stating
clearly that it is a dangerous site.

May 19th, 2010

Follow-up of Armenian emergency on the web

Hetq Online – An Environmental Disaster in the Making Just Outside Yerevan

The online version of this article:

May 11th, 2010

Invitation to join – a Mini Hearing on Obsolete Pesticides in the European Parliament on 29 of June 2010

Dear All,

We have the pleasure that the Members of the European Parliament. Ms. Ria Oomen-Ruijten and Ms. Esther de Lange are organizing a Mini  Hearing on Obsolete Pesticides in Eastern European countries, Caucasus and Central Asia Countries, in the European Parliament from 14.00 till 17.00 on 29 of June 2010 in Brussels.  A room for 160 people has been reserved for the event.

The recent developments of extremely dangerous situations in Ukraine (Time Bomb news), Armenia (Emergency situation) and Kyrgyzstan (death of 20 cows and hospitalization of 20 people due to eating of the poisoned cow meat) are reasons to organize this debate and discuss common strategies how to work on a structural plan how to solve the obsolete pesticides problem in the coming decade in the region

Draft agenda

We are encouraging to participate in the very important debate.

You can participate by sending the following information to Mr. Hubert Beusmans assistant of Ms. Ria Oomen-Ruijten at

First Name
Email address

If you send these data, a pass will be prepared for entering the EU Parliament and you will get an official information.

The debate will be in English

There is no funding for travelling available

Information must be sent to Mr. Hubert Beusmans before the 25th of May

Look forward to see you in Brussels


John Vijgen

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