HCH stockpile solutions

Since May 2009, alpha and beta HCH isomers and Lindane have become a POP. This was a vital decision in a global search for sustainable solutions of millions of tons of HCH waste isomers present on the globe.

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In this section we will report and inform on progress and projects being implemented on HCH-isomers and Lindane.

If you are involved in such projects, please report to us (john.vijgen(at)ihpa.info) so we can make link to your achievements and inform public accordingly.

2010-02-10: HCH map

This map is made to give an insight on the countries that have produced Lindane and have generated larger stockpiles of HCH-waste and the approximate amounts.
It must be stated that these data need further verification. They are all based on the IHPA report submitted to the Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention in 2006. It is expected that further investigations will generate more detailed information about locations and exact extent of the individual stockpiles.
Any information about stockpiles in the countries shown or other countries that might own HCH-stockpikes, can be forwarded to the Secretariat at john.vijgen(at)ihpa.info. Updates will be periodically included in the map.

2010-01-19: Global HCH emissions
Global emission inventory for alpha-HCHA short video illustrating global emissions of alpha-HCH estimated by Pascal Tay from data published by Yi-Fan Li. The video illustrates the change in location of dominant emissions from North America to Europe to East Asia and finally South Asia over time. This emission inventory is used to drive the BETR-Global contaminant fate model.
alpha-HCH in the global atmosphere – Modeled concentration of alpha-HCH in near-surface air in the global environment over its use history calculated using the BETR-Global contaminant fate model as a contribution to the Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution. Calculations were carried out by Pascal Tay in a project funded by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.
Contribution of regional alpha-HCH emissions to global environmental burden – An illustration of the relative contribution of emissions in each of: 1) North America, 2) Europe, 3) South Asia, 4) East Asia and the 5) The Rest of the World to the modeled global concentration of alpha-HCH in the surface layer of the atmosphere. The plot in the lower right shows the time course of emissions of alpha-HCH in each of the 5 regions.

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