It is nice to listen to words and plans are nice to put on paper, but both are meant to be realized and by doing things we can fulfil our common mission.

1. Work together with us on projects:

This can be from the start of the formulation of ideas how to help to relieve communities from Obsolete Pesticides, making jointly proposals, submit them as partners, involve donors to fund the project and down to the ground realize the works proposed. This is the normal way IHPA works.

2. Being involved in the IHPA network as:

  • Ambassador, by helping to promote the network and spread the message and help to build awareness small scale or large scale. By joining in this work you help to lay the foundation of future projects to eliminate obsolete pesticides
  • As co-editor or sub Editor of the IHPA newsletter. We need motivated and engaged persons that report 2 times per year from their country or region on obsolete pesticides and POPs issues so we can collect with our main editors the newsletter and spread it accordingly. It is voluntary work, with a couple of days work per year, but the spin off is huge. And you get access to a lot of people in the network. Several thousand letters are sent around the globe every year. So join the editor team now. Please mail to B. Sugavanam, or the secretariat at
  • As co-organiser of future International HCH and Pesticides Forums, where a lot of organisational talent is needed but also to help to obtain sufficient finances so that participants from the Eastern European region, Caucasus and Central Asia can be supported to join the forum. IHPA organizes every 2 years the forum in those countries that own obsolete pesticides and that are willing to eliminate them in the future and need help to raise more awareness for their politicians and the population
  • Co-organiser of obsolete pesticides exhibitions. IHPA has in cooperation with the EU Parliament, The GEF, World Bank, US EPA and US AID, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Moldova, UNIDO, Milieukontakt International and TPSA organised a number of exhibitions that have contributed to raise awareness on national and international level and IHPA plans to continue these activities. It is also planned that GTZ organizes a special site event during the COP in Geneva in May 2009.
  • Establishment and guidance of Chat platform or Blogs or specific campaigns

3. Become a donor and help IHPA to get sufficient funding

We need it to start implementation of projects where you feel we can make a difference and relieve population from obsolete pesticides for once and always. It does not matter how small your contribution is, any support is welcome. See under SUPPORT IHPA in this website

About IHPA

The International HCH & Pesticides Association (IHPA) is an independent and non-political network of committed individuals that wants to draw international attention on the world-wide problems stemming from the production and use of HCH and other obsolete pesticides and its dangers for human health and the environment.

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