‘Clean-up’ the World

Our common goal is to free the world of obsolete pesticides. But we cannot do this alone. And we have established long-term partnerships with other organisations. Since a number of years we have teamed up with a combinations of Milieukontakt International, Tauw and The Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment (Stichting Natuur en Milieu) and have now executed three pilot demonstration projects in Moldova, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan on awareness and inventory, clean up and repackaging. So the start has been made to clean up the world but it is a long way to go.

IHPA is starting up the management the GEF project “Capacity Building on Obsolete and POPs Pesticides in Eastern European Caucasus and Central Asian (EECCA) countries” and will cooperate with the partners Milieukontakt International and Green Cross and the representatives of nine countries.

The programme will commence in the beginning of 2009.

The project comprises awareness raising and capacity building in 9 countries in the EECCA region, and shall strengthen the regional cooperation and exchange of know how and experiences.

The project will connect countries and experts, and facilitate preparation and implementation of clean-up actions in any of the countries in the region.

This project will strengthen our efforts to start up cleaning of the Eastern European Caucasus and Central Asian (EECCA) countries and establish a platform for the other countries to join and extend the activities.

With the increasing number of partners, the national governments and regional governments and NGOs in the countries that own obsolete pesticides, EU Commission, EU Parliament and international organizations FAO, Secretariats of Basel and Stockholm Convention, UNDP, UNEP, UNIDO, World Bank and with your support we will be able to fulfil our mission free the world of obsolete pesticides.

About IHPA

The International HCH & Pesticides Association (IHPA) is an independent and non-political network of committed individuals that wants to draw international attention on the world-wide problems stemming from the production and use of HCH and other obsolete pesticides and its dangers for human health and the environment.

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