December 23rd, 2012

Newsletter #024 – December 2012


December 9th, 2012

The Carcinogenic HCB by the Baltic Sea – whole story video

During last HCH Forums we found out about problem of HCB waste in Kalush (Ukraine) and about Ukrainian activities concerning HCB and unwanted pesticides. We were happy to see that another country is fighting with POP problem. Until the May of this year…
One of Polish TV stations shown the report about HCB and unwanted pesticides from Ukraine. I was really surprised that several (more less 12) thousands of tones of this waste was found in one of Polish incinerator plant. Incorrectly packed, in torn big-bags, smelly, with no adequate protection, waste are stored 50 meters from the coast line of Baltic Sea. According to permissions and technical capacity of the incineration plant it will take more than two years to liquidate all waste.
After the publication of the report, Polish prosecutor opened an investigation.
Do you think that this is the way to eliminate POP’s? Did we strive for such activities as the IHPA for the last several years?

Tomasz Stobiecki – IHPA Ambassador
Institute of Plant Protection
National Research Institute
Sosnicowice Branch

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